Naples Men's Singles Ladder
Naples Men's Singles Ladder
Event Dates: 3/1/2011 - 10/31/2012
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Event News & Notes

New 2011 LandSharks Men's Singles Ladder

    • Challenge Ladder (Total Points) – Standings or rankings in the ladder will be determined by total points; 1 point per game won, 7 points per set won and 20 points per match won.
    • You can challenge anyone within your division
    • You must register in your Tencap rating division.
    • There are three division by Tencap rating:
      • 23-10 Tencap Rating = 5.0 Plus
      • 35-27 Tencap rating = 4.5
      • 42-34 Tencap rating = 4.0
      • 49-41 Tencap rating = 3.5
    • Divisions overlap at the highest levels to allow players to transition into the higher or more difficult division.
    • If your Tencap rating changes during the season, meaning, if it improves, for example going from 39 to 34, you can register in the next division level. If your Tencap rating does not improve, meaning for example that it goes from 39 to 44, you will have to register in the appropriate ladder division which corresponds with your Tencap rating.
    • Players are not obligated to play players whose Tencap rating is not the appropriate one for their division.
    • Players will be placed in the ladder in the order in which they register.
    • Winner enters score in our website.
    • Both players take a new can of tennis balls to the match; players agree how to handle the use of the balls.
    • Matches must be played on clay courts unless players agree otherwise.
    • The ladder is all about match play: Challenged player must get back to challenging player within 3 days of being contacted by text, email, phone call, voice mail or be defaulted. Players please avoid this at all costs as the objective is to play matches and practice our game and get better.

           Have Fun!


    Registration is Open!

    If you are a LandSharks member, just sign-up!

    If you are not a LandSharks member, please become a member:

    LandSharks membership fee, $20, please do so through PayPal or send a check to LandSharks Tennis Network, LLC

    Click here to go to PayPal:

    LandSharks PayPal email account is:

    Make check payable to:

    LandSharks Tennis Network, LLC

    9062 Whimbrel Watch Lane

    Unit 202

    Naples, FL 34109



    Divisions   Participants in this Event   Standings for this Event
    All Event Divisions
    Division Name # of Players Avg. Singles Rating Avg. Doubles Rating click to show ALL details  
    Tencap (24-39) 4.5 15 33 34 more.. news | roster | schedule | standings
    Tencap (27- 10) 5.0 Plus 4 20 20 more.. news | roster | schedule | standings
    Tencap (34-42) 4.0 26 37 37 more.. news | roster | schedule | standings
    Tencap (41-49) 3.5 8 43 42 more.. news | roster | schedule | standings
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